Staying Informed With the Rochester Reporting You Need

Rochester ny newspapers

If you are a local resident who wants to stay informed with the latest goings on in your community, there are two Rochester newspapers that come to mind as absolute must reads. The daily Democrat and Chronicle, with its hard news focus on local politics, civics, and business information, and City Newspaper, a weekly source of arts, culture, and community stories, complement each other well.

While the Democrat and Chronicle, or the D and C as it is colloquially known, also publishes daily on its website, the newspaper is an ideal option for those who still prefer traditional print news. Staffed by experienced journalists and local citizens who have a vested interest in the vitality of their town, the newspaper is dedicated telling the regional stories on which an engaged readership depends. As for its online offerings, they include, its culture centric website, and, dedicated to Celebrating the Women of Rochester, as its tagline states.

Among the two main Rochester NY newspapers, City Newspaper offers a decidedly more informal approach, with a weekly focus on the local art, theater, music, dance, and food that make Rochester such a vibrant place to live. There is also the regular injection of News and Opinion pieces, which can often provide readers with a more in depth and alternative perspective than one presented in the D and C. Whether it is talk of proposed bike boulevards specifically for cyclists, or the latest regarding a possible expansion of a local landfill, this alternative weekly can shed light on issues commonly glossed over, but no less important.

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