Read the Paper to Keep Up With Your Community

Rochester newspaper

According to a 2012 study by IPA Touchpoints, local newspapers are more than twice as trusted as other popular news outlets. As a result, it is no wonder that seeing someone read the paper in the morning on the subway while heading to work or even while they are taking a break in the office is so common. While there might be a bit of a perception that print papers are dying, which could have some validity since stats from the National Newspaper Association say that only 150 million people read community newspapers every week, the reality is that local papers are a great resource. This is especially true in smaller cities like Rochester where it is hard to keep up with all the latest stories. Because of that, Rochester NY newspapers are a helpful resource.

The main reason why Rochester newspapers are a great news outlet is that, in addition to being reliable, they share information about a wide range of topics. For instance, right now, readers might find stories about the Rochester Marathon, where one runner was able to raise some $3,000 for a Boston Bombing victim, or about the car crash in Oakfield where five people, including a nine year old girl, were injured. The hugely varied nature of stories in Rochester NY newspapers make reading them a must for anybody who wants to keep up with all of the action in their community.

In addition, newspapers are also a great tool for helping to plan a weekend off. Though some people might enjoy spending their free time lounging on the couch napping and watching TV, others will prefer to head to fun events to get the most out of their time away from work. If that is the case, then they might want to read Rochester NY newspapers to find more about upcoming events. For instance, the Democrat and Chronicle includes a section called, “What’s Up Roc.” Right now, it features an article about how Tommy Lee of Motley Crue will DJ an upcoming Rochester fashion show.

Nowadays, more people than ever before get their news from the internet. The web allows people to get stories faster and while on the go, and is a perfect alternative for people who have busy schedules. Plus, it allows news outlets to publish far more stories without the limits printed papers. Even the “What’s Up Roc” section from the DandC is far more comprehensive online. So anyone who is looking for a more convenient way to stay informed should visit the websites of their favorite newspapers.