How To Make The Most Out Of Your Rochester NY Newspaper

Rochester ny newspaper

Do you get a Rochester NY newspaper delivered to your doorstep? Whether it shows up one day out of the week or all seven of them, you may not be fully utilizing it. Sure, you may read headlines and clip the occasional coupon, but to get the absolute most from your Rochester NY newspaper you should scour it. Try it once to see if you like it, and you may find yourself doing it daily or weekly.

First, to get the most out of your Rochester NY newspaper first scan through and read all headlines. You probably already do this anyway, so it will serve as a good start to your morning or to whatever part of the day you choose to start reading your Rochester newspaper. Mark in your head or with a pen the headlines that grab your attention, then go back and read those articles first. Resist reading every article as you see it or you could quickly get overwhelmed by all the news being thrown at you.

Next, after the articles that caught your attention have been read, look over the ones that did not instantly captivate you. Every Rochester NY newspaper will publish hard hitting news and mix it in with features and business news, so some news may appeal to you more than others. But there will almost always be a connection to whatever article you are reading, so at least read the first paragraph of those secondary stories that did not make it into your initial round of reading. You could possibly end up reading more articles in each Rochester NY newspaper you get, which could increase your knowledge of the local marketplace.

Once your reading of features is done, look through the Rochester NY newspaper to see if anyone is selling anything you are looking for. You probably use the web to do this, but Rochester NY newspapers are still great places for buying and selling merchandise, so do not count them out. Look through the classifieds and even check out the job boards published. You never know what you may find there.

Lastly, all Rochester newspapers today have websites, so when your reading of the paper is done go online to discover what else is available from your favorite Rochester NY newspaper. What is online could be somewhat different from the print version. It also could be a lot more informative.