Email Hosting Improves, Educates and Entertains

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Email hosting is designed to provide a higher quality of email content and typically is used by mid sized and smaller businesses to increase their respective footprints. Aside from expanding upon a company’s footprint by offering high quality email hosting services by making that company look more established and more professional than it perhaps is as far as services made available and resources used, the service helps protect companies against the spam that other companies spend about $3 million a year to keep from entering their email systems and to fix the problems that have been caused from this spam. About 294 billion emails are sent out each day, which breaks down to 2.8 million every second; unfortunately, a staggering 90 percent of these emails are spam or viruses. Email hosting programs made available through Rochester web design companies and Rochester web development firms aim to reverse this trend and keep clients’ email systems free from the junk.

Through email hosting, a company client could learn some fun facts too. Like for instance the Simpsons episode where Homer revealed his email address to be Interestingly enough, the email was shut down in 2003 after its inbox was inundated. Or that the @ symbol is referred to as both the apestaart and the monkey’s tail in Dutch, the chiocciolina or small snail in Italian, and an elephant’s trunk in Swedish. See, email hosting does not need to be all work. It can be fun and games too.
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